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HOT FIX how to do ?
The hot fix rhinestones have two faces : a bright and equipped with a hot glue to fix , they are fusible , apply heat and provide a very good grip on textiles and other porous media.

Fashion Jobs :

- Rhinestone Applicator : our Applicator Kandi Kane has a heater that quickly heat rhinestones and paste it to the desired location . You can precisely position the rhinestone size you want . The 6 bits correspond to the sizes of rhinestones most often used.

- Hot Press : With this technique, the rhinestones are first positioned on a special adhesive sheet ( see category SHEET HOT FIX FOR TRANSFER ) that will stick on the garment. Then passing under the press for 15 to 20 seconds at 175 ° at a pressure of 4 bar. Cool and remove the sheet. For delicate fabrics and synthetics : Place a tissue paper or a sheet of Greaseproof paper ( baking paper used for cooking ) before using the press, this avoids the direct contact of the press with the fabric and the therefore not abyss .

- Cold Glue : For non- porous or uneven surfaces you can also use a glue of your choice ( or universal cyanoacrylate glue).

- A cheap and very quick tip : Take a candle , hold the rhinestones with a short clip (about 2 sec) over the lazy ( without touching the otherwise darkened rhinestones ) . The glue melts immediately . Place the rhinestone on the surface to be decorated and press lightly with the clamp ( not with fingers, careful, it's hot! Cool .

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